Dusk and Dawn

Dusk and dawn

So similar and yet so very different

Both have the sun only half in the sky

but on a different side.


Dusk and dawn

They are both a start and an end.

They both have day and night

but on a different side.


Dusk and dawn

So beautiful

They mark a new point in life

Dusk and dawn will always be;

until the end of time.




In the fall

When the sunlight fades,

And in the trees so tall

The leaves change shades.


In the fall

When the grass so green

Turns brown and small.

 I can say what I have seen.


Oh the fall

With all its colors.

It makes me bawl

When winter, so bright,

Comes and turns the world




The tunnels that life hold

so long, so damp

so dark, so cold

take one wrong turn

and there is no where to go

your lost, confused

with no sense of direction

there is nothing here 

that can offer you protection

but take the chance

find gods light

spread your wings 

and you’ll take flight