10 things I know to be true

Mysteries surround us

But amoung all the mist and fog

somethings are seen clearly

including the fact that I love dogs.


I had ceral for breakfast,

My hair is long and Blonde.

Japan is where I am

But where I’m From is Michigan.


While these are simple

Others are harder to find.

What can I see next?

Words can be harsh or kind


The strongest still shed tears,

And people always change.

Friends are most important,

Books are my escape.


I think everyone is different

that I know is clear.

Life is hard and will bring tears,

But every tear is worth it.


Colors Fade

Smoke still rises

Ashes still fall

Death overwhelms

The many voices that call


Hope has failed;

Love will die

Colors fade

And the darkness will rise


The sun grows weak

Warmth is drowned

Cold joints creak

Beaten hearts slow down


Now all is gone

Nothing left to be found

For all that enter

The death bell will sound


This is a poem about the life in Nazi death camps. I started writing this peom because this is what we are talking about in school.Image

(This is from the book Maus by Art Spiegelman)

The Rain

I can hear the rain

falling form the sky.

It does not bring me joy

It does not bring me pain

it simply washes away everything


it cleans away the memories

of times that were forlorn.

it can wash away the

feelings that come from below

like hate and suffering.


As the bad things go

the good things seem to come

… but after a while

rain also takes the love.




If I Died Today

Sometimes I wonder

What would happen if I died?

At times I want to know

Who would cry?

Who would grieve?

Who would comfort with kind lies,

And who would comfort with harsh truths?


Sometimes I wonder

What would happen if I died?

I want to believe

That people would cry

And grieve, telling others

Kind lies: ‘she will always be with us’

Or harsh truths: ‘She’s gone, you can’t help her.’


Sometimes I wonder

What would happen if I died?

I feel the need to know

Who would care?

If anyone would

Who would be there to share my life?

To tell what I did, whom I loved, and what I believed.


Sometimes I wonder

What would happen if I died?

Some people would grieve

Some people would cry.

But do we ever ask

What would happen if death were a lie?Image

The Whistling Wind

The wind that whistles

Through the trees,

And combs the grass

With a gentle breeze.


The wind will hide

A child’s screams

The wind will bring back

 Laughter and dreams


The wind will carry

Hope and joy

The wind will bring

A storm to destroy


The wind will come,

The wind will go.

If you listen you will know

From whence it comes

 And where it goes


Dusk and Dawn

Dusk and dawn

So similar and yet so very different

Both have the sun only half in the sky

but on a different side.


Dusk and dawn

They are both a start and an end.

They both have day and night

but on a different side.


Dusk and dawn

So beautiful

They mark a new point in life

Dusk and dawn will always be;

until the end of time.



In the fall

When the sunlight fades,

And in the trees so tall

The leaves change shades.


In the fall

When the grass so green

Turns brown and small.

 I can say what I have seen.


Oh the fall

With all its colors.

It makes me bawl

When winter, so bright,

Comes and turns the world